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Tucker B's

Los Alamos
(5.26 minutes)

Dumbness, like a torch, is a way forward. Dumb like a torch, strong as a wall.

The Tuckers would love to thank: Veeliners, Dan Spittles,
Sean Pezzali, Damien Gill, Horrie & Dan Fellows.

Tuckers bs are torches.


The tuckers be:

  • Tim Day : drums
  • Darren Nuttall: Guitar, Vibraphones & Vocals
  • Andrew Houston: Bass & Vocals
  • Matt Rudas: Guitar & Vocals

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Expect a new release any minute

Copyright Info

Los Alamos - © Tuckers B's 2000
- Los Alamos was recorded at the School of Audio Engineering by Dan Fellows in the year 2000
Rudas Never Rings (copyright Tucker B's 1996) recorded by horrie gauze and the tucker b's indoors and outdoors, night and day, fully clothed)

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