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The Tigers

Cramers Jungle
(4.01 minutes)

bonus track
Scared Like a Rabbit

"Thankyou Floyd Cramer."


The tigers started playing in 1997 and have proceeded to rock the bitches in a way that they never thought possible. Theyíre reaching up to the sky and pulling it down, getting it in a headlock and annihilating it. They are Chris, Guy, Ben and Oliver. They are a rock band that can do big scissor kicks, cheese, coffee, beer, plus Michael Jacksonís "Donít Stop ëtil Ya Get Enough". Maximum respect brother. Now for the real cheese...

In 1997, four young men began a journey. It all started with a jam here, a power chord there, until these four lads decided that they were going to call themselves a band now. These four were Guy Howlett, Chris Cobilis, Oliver Nelson and Chris Hudson. Something was missing though. The world needed something a little different. Enter Ben Basell, trumpet and keyboard extraordinaire. They were complete. A five-piece uncatagorisable band. Did they have a name? No. Enter Stewart Lupton (of the now defunct Jonathon Fire* Eater) with his famous words, "you should call yourselves 'the Tigers'." The rest is history.

In their first year of gigging, the Tigers managed to make it into the State semifinals of the NAD Campus Bands Competition. In December 1997, they came second out of approximately 175 bands in the Next Big Thing Competition. The Tigers also won the Golden Genge award (of RTRfm) for most popular band of 1997.

Oli, right me a fucking bio, cos this one's shit!

The Tigers are:

  • Ben Basell ñ trumpet and keyboard
  • Chris Cobilis ñ guitar and vocals
  • Guy Howlett ñ guitar
  • Chris Hudson ñ bass
  • Oliver Nelson - drums

Previous Releases

Death from Above
Space Coyote
And with that the Audience Disappeared in a Flash just like in the Movies
The Remix Album

Chris Hudson - 5 Songs (Independant Release - © Chris Hudson 2001)
Hudon/Cobilis - Helo Satan (Independant Release - © Cobilis/Hudson 2001)
Chris - Courtesy of ther Young Man's Parents (Independant Release - © Cobilis 2001)
Cobilis - (Independant Release - © Cobilis/Hudson 2001)
Hudon/Cobilis - Helo Satan (Independant Release - © Cobilis/Hudson 2001)
St. Catherine - Cobilis
Running To Rhythm - Cobilis
I Am Quit - Cobilis
I Get So Mad - Cobilis
Sexy Band - Cobilis/Hudson/Clair Pennell (Independant Release - © Sexy Band 2001)

Hits From The Box
Eat More Perth Homegrown
Fresh! The Fruit & Veg CD
Kiss My WAMI 1998
We Are Now Flying At 20,000 Feet
We Are Now Flying Into The Corners Of The Night

These Things Take Time

Copyright Info

Cramers Jungle - © The Tigers 2001 and is featured on The Remix Album.
- recorded in 1998 at Loop Studio by Don Morrison and remixed in 2000 by Doug Gillard in his home.
Scared Like a Rabbit copyright The Tigers - Taken from the album Space Coyote

Photo: Sarah Liddy and Sara Rudd.

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