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Open Bottle, Empty Heart
(3.28 minutes)


Still boozin after all these beers.

"I don't know if this is the best band I've ever seen or the worst band I've ever seen."
(Joe Pernice)

Begun as more of a drinking game than a band, STILL transcend musical boundaries from the Stool Pigeons to Adam Said Galore, from Cremator to Bluetile Lounge. STILL feature musical backgrounds ranging from the currently happening Adam Said Galore to Mukaizake. Sound-wise the band could be said to sit between county and western and blues but do not really belonging explicitly to either category. What unifies the band however, are their moving songs about loss, horses and heartache, whisky and being hard done by the women-folk.

The CD was recorded and engineered in a large living room on an 8 track over 3 days by multi-talented band member Simon Struthers. The recording costs were dwarfed by beverage expenditure but the end result stands as an accurate representation of the Still live experience. The recording would have sounded a lot different if Willie Nelson (yes, the man) hadn't interrupted proceedings by taking our hired mircophone and our stash. Despite this burden, the songs as one critic commented, remain 'strangely moving.'

STILL have existed in various different incarnations over the years but on this recording comprise Myles Durham on drums, 6-string banjo, harmonica and vocals; Dan Erickson on guitar, 6-string banjo and vocals, Simon Struthers on bass, Chris Owen on slide guitar and Mark Cooper on the mini-Moog organ.

Ya can't boot scoot to this but you sure can try

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Open Bottle, Empty Heart © Still 1999.
- Recorded by Simon Struthers @ Coghlan.

Photo: Friends of Still.

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