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The Stickfigures

Midnite On the AM Band
(6.50 minutes)

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The Stickfigures would like to thank avocados.

The Stickfigures enjoy moonlit strolls through artillery ranges, scotch eggs, and amusing facial hair.


Josh, Paul and Rob have known each other since primary school in Forrestfield, a small suburb of the Perth Metro area in WA. However, it wasn't until many years later that the three formed a band. It was 1999. Rob and Josh had been playing around on guitars for a few years by then, but in 1998, Rob decided to start playing drums, and he turned out to be pretty good at it. Meanwhile, Josh was developing a unique songwriting and guitaring style, and played at the Grosvenor Hotel in Perth late in 1998. Paul had been playing piano, violin and guitar for several years. Early in 1999, Josh and Rob played a gig at 78 Records in Perth, and Paul attended, and it was then that Josh 'officially' asked Paul to join the band as second guitarist (and whatever else was required). After considering several possible band names, Josh put forward the name 'Stick Figures' (later to be refined to The Stickfigures). Rob and Paul rather liked it, so it stuck.

In September 1999, the band had it's first gig together at the Grosvenor Hotel. In early November, Josh did a rather excellent solo performance at the Grosvenor. We went into the studio (Powersound) a week before Christmas '99 to record five songs, which has become our first demo recording.

We also had a new member join in early 2000 - Mike Thompson. He plays keyboards, theremin and samples.

Jerome (our third bass player) hooked up with us in August 2001. He also plays in a band called Rickety. They Rock.

The Stickfigures have secured a niche in the local scene playing regularly with bands like Ten Speed Racer, the Tucker B's and the Panics, and doing shows like RTR-FM's 'In the Pines' and 'Live at the Cornflakes', Healthway's 'Fresh Class' School shows, The Centenary of Federation Youth Festival, and Kiss my WAMI shows.

The Stickfigures are:

  • Josh - Guitar & Vocals
  • Rob - Drums
  • Paul - Guitar & Keys
  • Jerome - Bass
  • Mike - Keys, Samples, & Theremin

upcoming releases

Look out for an EP through Veeline Records soon! Mike (Maxwell)
upcoming song on Semi-Kazi sampler out soon.

Copyright Info

Midnite on the AM Band
- recorded by VLSA Studios in 2001 features paul and sid veeline on backup vocals
Bilbao is Burning - © Josh Gummery 2001.
- recorded at The Paradox House by Steve and Sid Veeline (VLSA Productions) in September 2001.

Photo: Chris O'Halloran & Andre Edwardo

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