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The Spinsters

Real Estate
(4.23 minutes)

The Spinsters play homage to simplicity, interjecting little subtle wonders round the edges. At times they'll take a sharp knife and stab you in the guts.

The Spinsters would like to thank Steve, Sid, and Paul Veeline.


The Spinsters are an all girl pop group who are a favourite of local Perth radio station RTR-FM, and have played numerous high-profile gigs including WAís premiere local music events "In The Pines" and "Hail! Hail! Hail!". The band features Lily Sumich (voted best female drummer of 1999 by the WA Music Industry, and nominations in 2000 and 2001), Angela Leahy (Vocals), Shannon Leahy (WAMI nomination for best female guitarist in 2000 and 2001), and Lorraine Sumich (keyboards).

The Spinsters are:

  • Angela Leahy - Vox, Guitar & Keyboard
  • Shannon Leahy - Vox & Guitar
  • Lily Sumich - Drums
  • Lorraine Sumich - Keyboards

Previous Releases

Spun Distributed through Veeline.
Demo - copyright the Spinsters 2000 through Veeline
Lily (Plutonic Girl) Use your X-Ray Vision (through Halflight)

Upcoming Releases

Full length album including the tracks Ninja Girl, Sisters, and This Is Art.


"There is something immediately refreshing about hearing a pop band that doesnít buy into the grand gesture of instant gratification. The Spinsters ascribe to the Belle and Sebastian school of quirky pop where an underlying edge cuts deeper into the groove and through this sustenance almost becomes anti-pop. The flute-lines, handclaps and keyboards alone embellish the very nature of the songs and in any case youíd be a fool to call this pop in the traditional sense as it doesnít abide by the throwaway nature of more archetypal nineties pop. However by no means are the end results less intense in their melodic magnetism."

M. Loch, X-Press Magazine

Copyright Info

Real Estate & This Is Art - ©The Spinsters 2001
- both tracks recorded at VLSA Studios by Steve and Sid Veeline in May 2001.
- Real Estate & This Is Art mixed by Scott Simms

Photo: Dan Marano

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