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The Panics

Give Me Some Goodluck
(3.40 minutes)

The Panics would like to thank all from Veeline for their help and support and all friends and lovers.

The Panics are on heat.


Greetings. This is the story of Jae, Drew, Miles and Paul.

The Panics are an Australian band based in Perth. Founded by school chums, Jae Laffer and Drew Wootton in high school around 1996. Bravely fronting the outside world, they started as a duo initially booking a recording studio to cut a demo about a year later. At this pivotal moment, Drew asked brother Miles to sit behind on the drum stool to beat the songs up - the rest is, relative, history!

The band started booking gigs and playing regularly. Initially performing minus bass player. The first gig was memorable, playing at the "legendary" Raffles Hotel, after a provocative strip show. Things improved after this. With a solid year of gigging, and various friends on bass duties, a line-up was consolidated, with erstwhile chum Paul Otway filling the bottom end breach.

"My Brilliant Career" a new song the lads had been working on as Paul joined the band was beginning to receive substantial airplay on JJJ, and Perth's RTRFM. This song was also well received by Perth punters. RTRFM quote it as their highest rotation local track in this state. The track is also part of the WAMI awards 2001 compilation disc.

The Panics are:

  • Jae Laffer - Accoustic Guitar, Keys, Vox.
  • Drew Wootton - Lead Guitar
  • Myles Wooton - Drums
  • Paul Otway - Bass

previous releases

Paul (Tonka Tuff) 2000 Light Beers Away (through Aquamudvuv)

upcoming releases

New EP out soon on Veeline Records.
Paul (Junior Knowledge) EP out soon through Veeline Records

Copyright Info

Give Me Some Goodluck © Jae Laffer/The Panics
- recorded at Cazfair House by Steve and Sid Veeline (VLSA Productions) in September 2001.
My Brilliant Career - © Jae Laffer/The Panics
- recorded Survival Studios by Adam Keene in the year 2000.

Photos: s. le may and nat brunvos.

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