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miteyKo ambient cut n' paste impro pop


a miteyKo story:

in 1997 whilst at curtin university studying creative writing, avante-garde poet/songwriter allan boyd joined poet [exWASO cellist] kevin gillam for a jam - initially to put music to poetry.

after several months of epic lounge room symphonies they began writing songs to suit the haunting emotion of the cello with clean, minimalist electric guitar and self-expressive poet-pop lyrics.

inspired by coffee; live performances from bands like the dirty 3, adam said galore, turnstyle, apartment99, thermos cardy; and a shared passion for the independent music played on public radio RTRFM, a distinct style developed and miteyko focused on restrained ambient, emotional pop-scapes.

always unable to be easily classified, and proud of it, miteyKo played their debut gig at the popular openmouth poetry readings in perth's arty pica bar with an acoustic jebediah - who played secretly as "the royal canadian string ensemble"! miteyKo became a regular at the grosvenor hotel's "cosy club" and opened the proceedings for numerous lo-fi pop shows, launches and backyard indie-guru parties.

joined by simon goss [clubhead/sk8rguru] on jembe late in 97, miteyKo played various gigs with many of perth's alternative-pop bands. positive response to miteyKo's indie-popscapes made them a highlight at underground poetry readings and acoustic nights. their following remained small and passionate as irregular gigging and a reluctance to play further up the bill, or headline gigs kept them out of the limelight. simon left for melbourne and several nameless drummers came and went, unable to blend with the subtle emotional shifts of the distinct miteyKo ethereal-poetic style.

1998 saw the ever affable peter cohen [sodastream] add his musical talents to the miteyKo sound. using several instruments including double bass, sitar, didjeridoo and keyboards, miteyKo developed a lush ambient tone. after 6 months of low-key gigs and an attempt to record the unique sound, pete's increasing sodastream commitments led him to melbourne.

allan became a treeplanter and disappeared into the tree-plantations of WA and northern NSW for the winter and spring of 98. his work and kevin's youth orchestra conductor commitments now restrict the amount miteyKo performs.

in december 99, after request for product, and keen to capture the miteyKo blend, kevin and allan began recording with [WAMi-award winning] knob twiddler laurie sinagra - in matt delahunty's back shed in the backstreets of north perth. pete cohen, in town with sodastream, added sitar to a song on the 8 track debut.

adem kerimofski [from pop-geekband turnstyle] joined the Ko late in 99, adding minimal keyboards and drums on several tracks to their debut recording - "2theResQ". miteyKo quietly carried on as adem slipped into the minimalist drummer's seat to provide the final element of the current miteyKo collective.

the recording was released thru veeline records and recieved enthusiastically by miteyKo enthusiasts and drew gushing interest from a certain major label, but besides gigs, the cd was never fully distributed. demo copies made their way to public radio station RTRFM and 2theResQ became a regular on "news from nowhere", "out to lunch" and "drivetime".

despite encouragement from fans, music writers and local djs, miteyKo continue to play sparodically. they have recently [feb/mar01] completed their second recording entitled "5%famous" featuring 12 new tracks. recorded under the magic hand of laurie sinagra and in the same shed as 2theResQ, miteyKo have attempted to captured the next evolution of their music.

without management and due to various commitments and proximity to each other - [allan now lives in southwest WA], the Ko play scarce gigs. a tour of the east coast to promote the new cd is in the pipeline.

variously described as "delightfully refreshing...moody, restrained guitar infused with cello"; "perths best kept indie secret"; "...sometimes the dirty three with words"; & as a "purified, soulful blend of cello-pop, poetic lyrics and minimal drumming".

with the focus on music for emotion not commodity and likened to smog, ben lee, the cure, bach, dave graney, sodastream, beck, early pink floyd, the spinsters; miteyKo are truly a unique and emotive experience...

miteyKo are:

  • Allan Boyd ñ Guitar + Vox
  • Kevin Gillam ñ Cello
  • Adem K ñ Drums

Previous Releases

2theresQ (EP) through Veeline

5% Famous (EP)

Adem (member of Turnstyle)


miteyKo 2theresQ lyrix

watchin yr lips move 2 the rescue listen to the door slam 2trq yr freakin me out 2trq absolute truth 2trq yr skeletons 2trq sunday mornin 2trq smell of cut grass 2trq cut my face with yr words read the sign do not disturb leave my body on the floor yr fleeting glance implies much more cut my face open mind 2trq broken drought 2trq summer breeze 2trq yr naked back 2trq & u love me 2trq [cutmyface] eat these words from my hands 2trQ.


miteyKo - 2theresQ

Having only heard of miteyko, and hearing only positive words about them, I've gotta say I approached 2theresQ as something I was looking forward to. Luckily, roughly about thirty-five minutes after pressing play, I was far from disappointed.

Song 1, '2theResQ', is driven by a powerful piece of cello work by Kevin Gillam and its within the first fifteen seconds that I was convinced there will have to be an incredibly sharp decline for this CD to be anything less than good. The song builds to a moving catchy tempo that you really can't ignore. A wonderful opener. 'ezyr' follows and draws you into relaxation mode. The mood of this track flows in gentle wave like motions, again with that cello carrying you along. Third song 'halfabrain', at first shows us a slightly angry side of miteyko and then breaks into a chorus that makes everything ok again. Drums, guitar and vocals all step up a level on this one. 'urbenville' slows things down a little and slightly draws the music back to highlight the vocals and more importantly lyrics. Vocalist allan boyd's emotions carry this one along brilliantly. Song five, 'sameolsame' opens with a classical style cello work and along with vocals, guitar and wavy sitar work by Pete Cohen, builds, drops and builds. 'tile' gets you really comfortable. Just lay back, close your eyes and let this track take your mind anywhere it chooses to go. Beautiful music, beautiful song. Track seven, 'do yr friends' keeps you even more relaxed. After this song, you really don't want to get up. Final song, 'elquestro', was recorded live at The Hyde Park. Just a bit of a instrumental they obviously thought sounded good enough to chuck on the CD. It certainly didn't take anything from a most enjoyable experience.

Although I've mentioned the cello work quite often, nothing can take away one miteyko's strongest attributes, the lyrics. Having seen Alan Boyd several times over the years reciting his poetry in different ways, this to me is the best formula to date. The music and songs are produced in such a way that you are driven along and still concentrate on what's being said (or sung). Poetry mixed with beautiful cello worked wonderfully with Nik Drake and although the two can't be compared, miteyko, certainly pull it off just as well. My housemate just put up a hammock. I can see many Sunday afternoons with the following perfect ingredients, beautiful day, hammock, beer and 2theresQ up just loud enough for the neighbors to enjoy. one of Perth's best releases so far this century

reviewer: brian (

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2theresQ was cooked in Matt De La Huntyís Shed by Laurie Sinagra in the summer of 2000 and features on the EP 2theresQ.

Photos: Sarah Liddy

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