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Harry Smith

(5.32 minutes)

Harry Smith would like to thank all of our families, the punters who came to see us, and all the people who lent us stuff.

It's the sound. It's the sound! It's THE SOUND!!! Öof science!


Harry Smithís Biological Science Class

Spawned to compete in the 1999 ABC National Improvisation Competition as Scooter (the band), from backgrounds in jazz, noise, rock, electronica, funk & classical, the potential of this unit to explore sound in an accessible soup quickly became apparent. After a fistful of gigs and quickly recording the sandwich smorgasbord of tunes which had erupted from this collaboration, two members ducked of to spread their seed. Pete moved into Billís abode and quickly filled the square room with round drums. Ant flew back to join the nest and did a coockoo, taking other peopleís ideas and implanting them with the now Harry Smith seasoning: well pickled.

The seed sown, natureís grown, and the nine blossomís of the three creative dudes were picked and pressed in a CD shaped vase, Scooter, in tribute to their roots and first incarnation. The three of us that make Harry Smith, like many many bands, have varied backgrounds and different visions (Bill is short-sighted). Scooter is one such meeting point.

Three certainly don't see eye to eye (Ant is slightly shorter) on everything, but work quickly, are resourceful and like crafting-sounds and tunes while exploring and learning from each other. We don't fit each others gloves (Peteís a little bigger), but we do try them on. Sometimes they don't fit and we look awkward, and the item needs to be let out here, taken in there, or worn with a belt. We usually end up finding a way of making it fit. Mr Smith also like to eat at home, though there is no microwave or many of the other conveniences of a more well equipped kitchenette. As it has been said, this is a resourceful band: cooking at home means you can experiment.

Harry Smith are:

  • Bill Darby - Vocals, Guitar & Clarinet
  • Pete Guazzelli - Drums
  • Ant Gray - Bass & Side Guitar

Previous Releases

Pete (Hip-Mo-Toast) Introducing Hip-Mo-Toast (Independant Release 2000)
Bill (O) Morass of Shiny Cudgels
{through Aquamudvuv 1997)
Sporco - Scarred of Scary
(Gadzooks) Self Titled
(through Aquamudvuv 1998)
Ant (Air Ensemble) Kardinya Lights -
(Independant Release 1998)
(Gata Negra) Cage of Stars
(Independant Release 1999)
Scooter (Through Veeline Records)

Upcoming releases

A full length album is on its way through Veeline Records.

Copyright Info

- recorded at The Cheese Is Studios in June 2001 by Harry Smith and mastered by Laurie Sinagra and is featured on the CD Scooter.
Malboro Lights copyright Harry Smith recorded in 1999 by
Harry Smith at The Cheese Is Studios

Photos: Sarah Liddy & The Friends of Harry Smith

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