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Geoff Symons

Pick-Up Trucks
(3.05 minutes)

Behemoth doesn't sing to the trains. Road triangle against the head. Millions and millions of swarming mosquitoes yr better off taking the car, thanks.

Credits: Geoff would like to thank someone for their involvement in this song.


The first album I bought was "1980 The Summer" when I was six. I was particularly impressed by "Echo Beach" and "You Shook Me All Night Long" ñ and it was those songs (along with a million others on Countdown), which got me into music. I guess these early influences have twistedly bled into the music I'm making today. But then again, maybe not.

I have always thought that Perth musicians have been great ëcos (up until recently) they never thought they'd get anywhere ñ so they just didn't give a fuck. My main influences are Polvo, The Flaming Lips, and XTC, that sorta catchy left of centre stuff which is basically associated with the music I make with Adam Said Galore, Mukaizake, and the now defunct, O.

I plan to keep on playing and never stop ñ that's all I can fucking do.

Geoff Symons sings and plays guitar.

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Pick-Up Trucks
- recorded at The Paradox House by Steve and Sid Veeline (VLSA Productions) in the year of the solid.

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