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Emmerson International

I Saw It Overhead
(5.14 minutes)

Genetically engineered from a single embryo, Emmerson International are
brave, impetuous, and deadly with knives.

Emmerson International would like to thank Mike from RíníR and Mr Sinagra.


Formed in 1998 by ex-Greenwood classmates Dean and Tim, Emmerson International has undergone several transformations in its relatively short life. Many moons ago Dean, Tim and Scott (now playing in Sydney with Kindling) began writing songs together, under the alias Milton, with bad equipment and even worse abilities. After 8 months of constant practice we were ready to enter the "scene" with a large number of songs under our belts and the confidence to start playing live. But it was not to be as Scott's family up rooted, and headed for the bright lights of Sydney.

The loss of Scott put Emmerson on the back burner for 6 months while its remaining members re grouped to start over. In late 1999 Dean and Tim began playing sporadically with close friends Dave and Rick. At first they tried to recreate the songs which had been written by the original members of Emmerson International, but to no avail. Instead they found more interest in experimenting with entirely different styles , tunings and structures to create the songs played today. The band members influences are scattered and varied, a diversity they attempt to convey in their music.

Emmerson International are:

  • Dean D ñ Vox + Guitar
  • Rick B ñ Guitar
  • Dave L ñ Bass
  • Tim McC - Drums

    Previous Releases

    Dean (member of Turnstyle)

    Upcoming Releases

    Expect an EP very soon!

Copyright Info

I Saw It Overhead - © Emmerson International 2001
- The song was recorded at Matt De La Huntyís Nest by Mr. Laurie Sinagra in August 2001.
Johnny Come Lately © Emmerson International 2000 recorded at ECU.

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