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This is the first release, proper, from Veeline records. The last year has definitely been a real learning curve for all of us, but itís been a fantastic opportunity to stir things up a little in the original pop scene. Thanks from us goes unreservedly - first place to all the bands whoíve been involved with our endeavours, and for their contributions, equally. Most of these bands appear on the C.D. Our motives have been purely to get out the bands weíve loved and gone to see live for ages, and those weíve fallen in love with along the way.

Paul Veeline

We are now a fully operational death star.

Seb Veeline

Track Listing
(November 2001)

BAND SONG Download Bonus MP3
1 The Panics Give Me Some Good Luck My Brilliant Career
2 Those Tiny Lights Those Tiny Lights $30 Room
3 Tokyo 5 Money Shot
4 Spinsters Real Estate This Is Art
5 Harry Smith Hey! Marlboro Lights
6 The Stickfigures Midnite On The A.M. Band Bilbao is Burning
7 Scrambler Courtship of Spiders Whistle and Steam
8 Cartman Got No Reason George
9 Geoff Symons Pick-Up Trucks
10 Ten Speed Racer Terror on the Streets Sailors
11 miteyKo 2theresQ
12 Emmerson International I Saw It Overhead Johnny Come Lately
13 Andrew Ryan Tristan Stories Oil and Steal
14 Still Open Bottle, Empty Heart
15 Tucker B's Los Alamos >Rudus Never Rings
16 The Tigers Cramer's Jungle Scared Like A Rabbit
Carbon14 Increment
Still pumping

*All tracks arranged and maximised by VLSA Productions
with additional mastering by Rob Grant @ Poons Head.


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state-of-the-art equipment.
Quite simply... the shit!

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Thanks to Rob and the Dadaists

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Thanks to Tony and the Lunettes.

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Fresh Blast


The fresh blast project, sponsored by Healthway & coordinated by RTRFM, sponsors CD launches of w.a. bands or solo performers to stage their launch in a smoke-free environment. the project provides an opportunity to introduce smoke-free venues in the music industry & provides support for the development of local music performers.



Almost willing to die for the cause.

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Big shout outs to Paul and Paul (The Two Wrenny's) for cashing those dodgy checks after midnite!

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Hugs and kisses to Sandi for
giving Veeline a red hot go - we loves ya.

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Thanks to Mike at Planet Video for all of his help, enthusiam, and support.

Nat Brunovs - Shot Studios

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What can we say Nat, the sometimes fifth cog in the Veeline booze machine, but keep crackin' da whip!

Tyson Horsewell

Tyson Horsewell


Thanks for being the funky multimedia extrodinaire with the large generous streak.


Big Shoutouts and maximum respect to:
Love always to Sue, Oliver, and Darcy ñ they made this CD happen (if you ever see ëem in a bar, buy ëem a beer). All the mint bands, sponsors, and hangers-on (you know who you are godamnit!). Mix master Stevie B. and El. Sid for tireless "pro-as" qual hours at VLSA, and Slightly Otway Mobile Shaving Services for getting the job done. Big love to Tyson for pulling out all stops, and Natty for the ace pep talks.

Veeline Gold Stars also go out to:
Screwball Art ®, Tommy C.(14), Josh Stickfigure for Hits & Memories, The RTR Evils & Girlies who Rock the Casbar!, Carly Scotch Queen Extraordinaire, all at The Paradoxx House, Arty-err Brad & Genge, Sam & Rob Grant(ed.), Rosco, David Lamb, Paul & Paul & Steve for the Hyde-ings, Kapur-Rowe Incorporated, Amplimuffrier, Ju-Ju for the Ju-Ju-Dogs, The Grovers (not Groovers!) @ the Grosvenor, ScottiE. D. O. Sims, Chairman of The Cheese Board Ethan, Sarah "Where Are You?" Photography, Allie Sassycat, The Hammond (cunt!), The Facist Fair-Go Party-On!, Jamie Rockgod Morrow, Fair Lianne, The Mongers ñ Ardien-Matt-Andrew-Remo-Serina-Racheal, Misguided Dave & Marty, Those-Semi-Krazi-Electronika-Freek-Mo-Foís-Greg-Mike-Leon-Rolly, and special thanks to the lost Gods of Drunk-Rock ñ Jamies (Morrow and Cossman), Big Country Mike, Hard Rockiní Vinnie, Two-Chord Cale, and President Serge.

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Uncle Peter ñ Scopa!

Se Bastian of Bad Taste.

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