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Andrew Ryan

Tristan Stories
(4.15 minutes)

bonus track
Oil And Steal
(4.00 minutes)

This twisty tongued critter type melody player will be
totally impractical if you need anything rationally done,
but is always handy in a tight rhythmic spot.

Thankyous: Handshakes back at Veeline.


Andrew Ryan is Adam Said Galoreís vocalist and guitarist and he appears on "Signals" through the Grace of God."

Here is but a part of the ASG storyÖ

Back in 1994, four friends from Perth, Western Australia with no agenda and nothing to lose started this thing that became known as Adam Said Galore. Finding themselves on the wrong side of liquor and gaming laws allowed them three years to evolve independently before being able to lie convincingly enough to play their first licensed gigs. Instead of sitting down taking notes they simply let loose with their own aberrant tones. Sure they had influences, but when expressed in such fractured time signatures, accented rhythms, intertwining melodies and with such little adherence to standard measures like song length and the utilisation of vocals, they had already naturally started to distil the essence of their sound.

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Copyright Info

Tristan Stories - © Andrew Ryan 2001.
- recorded at The Paradox House by Steve and Sid.
Oil and Steal - © Andrew Ryan 2001.
- recorded at Cazfair House by Steve Veeline (VLSA Productions) in August 2001.

Photos: Pierre Tousaunt and the friends of Andrew Ryan.

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